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Two truths and no lies...

I sing to tell stories and make space,

I sing to invite you to feel freely,

to  bring to life dreams,


share light on the nightmares we keep hidden..

The Backup plan.
Back then,
Friction came,

Like a fish constantly swimming against the current,
I've been determined.

This plan
My now,
Flows stronger,

I'm quirky, on the outskirts, and invite laughter and fun. I have strong opinions, a bleeding heart, and a thirst for life. I believe passionate vision and authenticity opens space to create and connect. 

I encourage slowing down to welcome chance and experiences.

Music is my refuge and place of understanding emotion. The earliest photos of me performing are where I opted for the clown costume, stuffed-pig sidekick, and created random jingles to sing. That same year was the first time I sang on a stage. 

From an early age, I’ve always felt most alive in song and with music around me, and that wasn't too far as it runs in the family. #Tempano

I ran with my Walkman listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers, Eminem, and Silverstein;

now it's walks with the song of birds.

I rode the bus to school with Envy on the Coast, Avril Lavigne, and Norah Jones; now I drive manual to Melt and Noah Kahan.

I fell asleep to the bass that warmed the walls of my room from the studio below; now I fall asleep to the rhythm of my partner's breath.

The summer of Queen, The Foo Fighters, and Journey will not be forgotten, nor will the summer I took the less traveled road. Summers ahead are filled with memories begging to be made while remembering the lessons from summers passed. Favorites like Anderson .Paak, Puddle of Mudd, and Gang Starr, mingle with Catfish and the Bottlemen, Cultura Profética, and Phil Collins.

In school, I learned the importance of reading and writing music, the skill of listening to those around me, and how to color with tone. Along the way, I had mentors that taught me about audio systems, live sound engineering, and quality service. I picked up keyboards, which taught me the importance of structure in song, duality of harmony within a melody, and to play with intentionality. I learned even more about intention in a choir of 30; every voice and note mattered. 

When I finally got my hands on a guitar, my vocal melodies poured out more freely. 

I've been blessed with people, those in passing and enduring. Those that have taught me to open up, live in my strengths, and follow my passions. Those that have built me up, poured into this vessel so that I could see myself clearly in the mirror. That I might know my intent and impact, live aligned with purpose, and seek lessons.

Thank you for showing me the cracks so I could be the best version of me.

I look forward to seeing you live in person, and to share my stories with you.

With gratitude,

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