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Alanis Morrissette's honesty met Norah Jones's croon to see The Crane Wives at the after-show bar.

AINARA showed interest in music at a early age and has followed that path throughly. This singer and multi-instrumentalist translates the emotion in songs to voice those stories. Her tone convinces a room to lean in and spend some time together.

AINARA has worked with names like SanLuis, Rodolfo Castillo, and others for Demo Sessions, toured in Collegiate choirs, and started playing in South Florida in 2020.

Currently, AINARA plays covers of well loved hits (70's to current music), lesser known greats, and her originals. She is available for Solo Acoustic, and Duos+. Find her at venues like Ann's Florist Cafe + Bar, The Taurus, Magic 13 Brewing, and others.

Her first studio album is currently being developed and recorded, with an anticipated first single to be released in January 2024.

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